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Wizards’ John Wall Plays Through Numerous Fractures

Dr Pruzansky | May 22, 2015

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, recently making headlines for allegedly throwing a “Bloods” gang sign during the Wizards-Hawks Game, suffered a serious left wrist injury at the Eastern Conference semifinals 104-98 Washington win.

Wall has been diagnosed with five non-displaced fractures in his left wrist and hand after falling awkwardly on his wrist during the game, forcing him from playing in Game 2 of the night and stay off the court until Tuesday night.

During Tuesday night’s game against the Hawks, Wall appeared unphased by his injury, shooting 7-for-16 and earning the team 15 points. However, by wearing only a small pad of black tape as protection to the top of his injured hand, Wall risked even more serious injuries.