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The Future of Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare 1
HandSport Surgery Institute’s metaverse practice includes an interactive waiting room, surgery room, and examination room.

Welcome to HandSport Surgery Institutes Metaverse Practice

Experience Our Expertise in a Virtual World

At HandSport Surgery Institute (HSSI), we’re excited to announce the launch of our virtual practice in Decentraland. Our metaverse presence is designed to provide an immersive, interactive experience, blending the best of cutting-edge technology and medical expertise.

Our Virtual Practice:

HSSI’s Decentraland practice offers visitors an engaging environment where they can explore our state-of-the-art facility, learn about our world-class surgeons, and get an insider’s look at the innovative treatments we provide.

Key Features:

  • Futuristic, sophisticated, and professional design inspired by crypto and cyberpunk culture
  • Interactive receptionist area with options to schedule an appointment, call the practice, and more
  • Comfortable seating area and waiting room featuring patient success stories and informative brochures
  • Practice rooms with interactive elements depicting consultations and surgeries
  • Office rooms where visitors can meet our surgeons and learn about their qualifications, awards, and expertise

Experience the Future of Healthcare:

We invite you to visit our virtual practice in Decentraland and experience the future of healthcare firsthand. Connect with us and discover how HandSport Surgery Institute continues to push the boundaries of medical innovation.

Visit our virtual practice in Decentraland