Dr. Mark E. Pruzansky
Dr. Jason S. Pruzansky
975 Park Avenue New York, NY 10028

Why Choose Dr. Pruzansky as Your Hand Surgeon?

  • Unparalleled skills and insight
  • Top 1.4% (January, 2023) of U.S. Hand Surgeons
  • Board Certified in Hand Surgery, Orthopedic Sports Medicine, and Orthopedic Surgery
  • Same-day access to offices for urgent consultations
  • A proven record with strong outcomes in the treatment of complex hand, wrist and elbow disorders
  • Prudent application of the latest research and state of the art technology
  • Compassion, honesty, integrity and clarity are our mission
  • More than 25 years experience in the nonsurgical and surgical treatment of hand, wrist, and elbow injuries and conditions.
  • Leader of a substantial team of knowledgeable, available office professionals
  • Welcoming, well-appointed office environment with easy access to public transportation
  • Efficient registration and check out
  • Digital x-rays, records, and an encyclopedic educational website
  • World class surgeon, himself, provides the surgical and postoperative care and rehabilitation instructions