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Royals’ Left Fielder Alex Gordon Returns to Batting Practice

Dr Pruzansky | March 17, 2015

After months of rehab, Royals left fielder Alex Gordon was back at batting practice Tuesday, where he said to reporters that his wrist now feels “close to 100 percent”.

That batting practice was his Gordon’s first after undergoing surgery on his wrist in late December, 2014.

According to teammates, at that time, Gordon had his wrist examined after experiencing discomfort during his offseason workouts, where it was determined that he needed wrist extensor retinaculum repair. The retinaculum is a fibrous band on the back and pinky side of the wrist that holds the tendons in place, which move the wrist and extend the fingers.

Gordon was excited to be back hitting balls Tuesday and appears to be going through his wrist rehab without setbacks.

Prior to the injury, Gordon had a career batting average of .268 with 121 home runs.