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Panthers’ Linebacker Thomas Davis Breaks Arm Prior to Super Bowl

Dr Pruzansky | January 28, 2016

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis broke his right forearm Sunday night after leaping after Arizona Cardinals tight end Darren Fells. The Panthers went on to beat the Cardinals in a 49-15 victory.

Later, as Davis celebrated a conference championship with with his time, he appeared with his arm bandaged, leaving fans and teammates concerned he wouldn’t be able to play in the Super Bowl in about two weeks due to the football injury.

However, Davis seems certain he won’t miss the big game, stating “I ain’t missing the Super Bowl. You better believe that.”

It’s likely that Davis won’t. According to reports, Davis underwent surgery Monday night after doctors determined the break was on the main shaft of the bone, and didn’t include an elbow fracture or wrist fracture.

This means while the bone itself will require at least six weeks to heal, Davis should be able wear a carbon graphite shell and play during the game.