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New York Mets Outfielder Juan Lagares on Disabled List, Thumb Injury Flares Up

Dr Pruzansky | August 4, 2016

Early in the 2016 season, New York Mets Outfielder Juan Lagares suffered a thumb ligament injury to his left thumb but he, was able to continue playing.

Initially team doctors simply recommended a few days rest to deal with the swelling.

Lagares was then able to play with a splint and a taped up thumb. He then lasted four games before the injury flared up during a pregame batting practice.

Surgery to the thumb is now the most likely course of action for the outfielder if he cannot continue playing through the pain.

For now Lagares will be placed on the disabled list to give him time to heal without ligament surgery.

The injury originally occurred on June 4th when Lagares made a diving catch in the outfield against the Miami Marlins.