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Blackhawks’ Kris Versteeg to Return to the Ice This Wednesday

Dr Pruzansky | February 20, 2015

Chicago Blackhawks forward Kris Versteeg will be back on the ice this Wednesday, going head-to-head against the Vancouver Canucks.

Versteeg has been on the team’s reserve list while recovering from a hand injury, missing the last 16 games. Versteeg suffered a fracture in his left hand after blocking a shot during the Winter Classic on January 1st. At the time he was only expected to miss about a month of play.

While happy to be back on the roster, Versteeg seemed somewhat tentative to return after such an extended period of time, saying “there’s definitely nerves again to come back”.

Versteeg was one of the team’s top players before getting injured, and fans are hoping he can fulfill that role once again now that his hand is back in working order.