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Wrist Surgery Will End Philadelphia Phillies Catcher Tommy Joseph’s Season

Dr Pruzansky | August 11, 2014

Highly regarded Philadelphia Phillies catcher Tommy Joseph’s season is over after an injury originally suffered in May. This marks the second straight injury-plagued season for Tommy Joseph, who turned 23 last month and is the 11th ranked prospect in their system.

The catching prospect injured his left wrist during a collision at home plate while playing for the Phillies double-A Reading Fighting Phils.Joseph returned to action a month ago, but did not return to previous form due to the nagging wrist.

Baseball players are particularly subject to tears of the ligaments and tendons on the pinkie side of the wrist at the knobby bone called the ulnar head. To learn more, read the March 12, 2013 Blog. Mark Teixeira’s splinting was insufficient, and he subsequently underwent extensor carpi ulnaris subsheath repair surgery