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World #10 Golfer Jim Furyk Undergoes Wrist Surgery Prior to U.S. Open

After injuring his left wrist in September, golf pro Jim Furyk has been out of the running for the better part of the year. Following a wrist surgery performed Monday, February 1 golf veteran has a recovery time line that indicates he will likely return to the links in competitive play before the U.S. Open.

According to Furyk, the cause of his current wrist pain was the increased size of a radius bone spur, which was first noted at his triangular fibrocartilage surgery in 2004. Damage to the scaphoid, primarily, as well as the lunate and capitate was also found at his recent surgery. Cartilage injury and thickening of the ligaments and synovium between the radius bone spur and the first carpal row- the scaphoid and lunate – causes increasing pain, as the impingement grows with greater soft tissue swelling and bony overgrowth and projection.

Chronic partial wrist ligament tears cause abnormal carpal bone movements, leading to damage of the above bones and soft tissues.
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