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Hand surgery with patient education: Herta Engelhart’s Story

Dr Pruzansky | June 27, 2017

hertaDoctor Pruzansky is for sure one of the best doctors I ever met in my life. I broke my right hand, and a metal plate had to be put into the right wrist. The surgery was on 18 April 2014, Good Friday. Today my right hand (which is my primary hand) is like before, I don’t feel any pain at all and I can use the hand like before. I can play the piano like before. Another amazing thing are the scars, actually they are nearly invisible. He did a modern artwork, that’s what I tell my friends… What impressed me a lot as well is the patient education. I like when doctors explain what they do with my body. (By the way, Dr Pruzansky explained everything in German to me!) And the staff is exceptional as well. It’s also his modesty and humility that impressed me, when I said that I was so happy, Dr Pruzansky just replied: ‘Happy to help!’ He was recommanded to me by a friend who had both wrists done by him (I’m quite new to the US, arrived here a year ago for work purposes from Vienna, Austria.)