Dr. Mark E. Pruzansky
Dr. Jason S. Pruzansky
975 Park Avenue New York, NY 10028

Edward K.

Dr Pruzansky | January 20, 2019

I initially consulted Dr. Mark Pruzansky for a significant multiple right index finger fracture. his compassion, sincerity, and expertise was the right choice for me. Most impressive was his honesty throughout the whole treatment process. He immediately formed a multiple plan approach for one surgery instead of additional surgeries. Stating that he would need to see the condition of the finger to know 100 percent what would be the best plan to proceed with. This was critical for me as I am a self-employed carpenter and was now going on 10 months of being unable to work. We discussed one option which would be the fusion of my finger and the position more useful for function, not only for life skills but for work and recreation. Most of all, he attentively listened to my needs when I demonstrated the angle that would be the most useful for me. Fusion was the result of my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Mark (as my wife sought out his care recently). Compliments to all his staff for their professionalism, especially his physician’s assistant Eunice and his x-ray technician.