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Avid winter mountaineer heals rotator cuff before climb: Stuart Schultz’s Story

Dr Pruzansky | June 27, 2017

stuartI am an avid winter mountaineer, and a few months prior to an expedition in the Northeast US, I suffered an injury to my shoulder. I booked an appointment with Dr. Pruzansky, who I had previously seen before, and very quickly he diagnosed my injury (rotator cuff) and created a treatment and recovery plan in order to get me in shape in time for my climb. True to his word, by the time I was scheduled to scale the mountain, my shoulder was in tip top shape and I summited without issue. Even though Dr. Pruzansky wasn’t with me on the mountain that day, he was certainly a part of the team that helped me reach the top. I’d recommend him to friends and family, and would see him again.