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Saints Guard Jahri Evans Wrist Injury Revealed

Dr Pruzansky | February 9, 2015

Until recently, we knew Saints guard Jahri Evans wasn’t able to play during the 2015 Pro Bowl, but now we know why. Evans had a partially torn ligament in his wrist.

According to reports, Evans’ Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex was injured during the second half of the season, which is an area of the body that helps to stabilize the wrist when it rotates.

The Saints suffered a disappointing season this year, going 7-in-9. However, Evans, even after sustaining an injury that was certain to cause him pain, was still selected as a 1st team All-Pro.

Evans, a 31 year-old, may take additional time to heal due to his relatively old age as a professional athlete.

With a base salary of $6.8 million (part of the highest paid guard tandem in the league) he is at risk of either taking a pay cut or being released as the Saints attempt to bring in new, younger talent.