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Patient Resources

At HandSport Surgery Institute, we provide our patients with more than great medical care. We also like to put them in touch with other providers doing an outstanding job in the field of healthcare as we know living a happy, health, life requires more than the help of hand and wrist surgeons.

Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik
A leading hip surgeon, Dr. Vigdorchik provides diagnosis and treatment of the hip and knee. Dr. Vigdorchik specializes in computer-assisted and robotic joint replacement surgeries. Visit his website for more information.

Dr. Christopher Herrington
Dr. Herrington is a chiropractor in Amherst, NY who provides family friendly chiropractic care. Dr. Herrington is known for his love of educating patients, which he does frequently online.

Dr. Neal Schultz
Renowned NYC dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz is a pioneer of glycolic facial peels. With over 50,000 successful cases, Dr. Schultz provides lunchtime glycolic peels at his office and The Peel Bar locations.

The AAOS (American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons) is a leading resource for patients to learn more about providers and treatments. If you’re looking to learn more about a procedure we suggest or want to find another high quality health care provider then look no further than the AAOS website.

The American Association of Sports Medicine
When it comes to sports performance and caring for the health of athletes, nothing beats the AAOSM. From educational articles, to the latest in research and treatment trends, the AAOSM has great information for curious patients.