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Ohio State Star Ezekiel Elliott Undergoes Second Wrist Surgery

Dr Pruzansky | March 9, 2015

Ohio State’s star running back Ezekiel Elliott could be even better next season, after having a second surgery on his left wrist.

According to Elliott, who recently appeared on the cover of ESPN College Football, last season he “couldn’t carry the ball in my left wrist. I’m probably going to get surgery after the end of the season.” and last Tuesday he explained “I’ve left a lot of yards on the field this year just because of my wrist, I can’t really carry the ball in my left hand, and can’t really use my stiff arm.”

Last season the then sophomore finished third in the nation with 1,878 rushing yards, even after having a slow start after surgery was required on his fractured wrist due to the injury that occurred during a preseason practice.
Last Tuesday Elliott Ezekiel had the second, and hopefully final procedure, which means he should be even more prepared for a fast start during the 2015 season.