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New York Jets’ Fitzpatrick Out With Hand Ligament Injury

Dr Pruzansky | November 4, 2015
New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles is still steaming after watching two of his top quarterbacks, Ryan Ritzpatrick, and Geno Smith, get injured in Sunday’s 34-20 defeat to the Oakland Raiders
Surprisingly, he isn’t angry with the Raiders, but with his own quarterbacks. “We’ve got to be smarter than that” Bowles said Monday, in reference to his player’s decision not to slide before being tackled.
As a result of not going down, Fitzpatrick has thumb ligament damage in his left hand and is considered day-to-day.
According to team physicians who have similar expertise as hand surgeon Dr. Mark Pruzansky, Fitzpatrick will eventually need surgery to correct the ligament damage. However, he may be able to put off the surgery for a period of time if taping and splinting will provide enough support to throw temporarily.