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Nationals’ Jayson Werth Expected to Rejoin Team This Weekend

According to team manager Matt Williams, Nationals’ outfielder Jayson Werth has once again headed to Washington to see “his guy”, a wrist surgeon, after being hit by a pitch.

Werth has been on a 15-day disabled list after being hit by a pitch in San Diego. While being hit by a pitch is relatively common for ball-players, Werth’s history of left wrist injuries made this accident of immediate concern.

In 2005 Werth was hit by a pitch that caused a tear in a small ligament in his wrist. In 2012 Werth was treated for a broken left wrist.

Although Werth’s most recent injury has caused swelling and soreness, x-rays came back negative for a fracture and an MRI showed no structural damage.

Werth is expected to rejoin the team this weekend in Cincinnati.

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