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Marouane Fellaini Injures His Wrist

Dr Pruzansky | October 10, 2013

Marouane Fellaini suffered a severe ligamentous wrist injury in training before the 10/5/13 win over Sunderland.

The Manchester United midfielder will play with a cast and undergo wrist surgery in December. Soccer injuries to the wrist include ligament and cartilage damage, as well as fractures.

The scaphoid, radius, or the triquetrum may be broken. Treatments include splints and arthroscopic surgery in more severe cases.

Key ligament tears – the scapholunate, triquetrohamate, arcuate, triangular fibrocartilage, and lunate-triquetral – require precise assessment and skillful care. Immobilization or repair are options, depending on location and severity.

Return to sport will be three weeks or more including supervised rehabilitation.