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Leafs’ Phaneuf to Sit 5th Straight Game Due to Hand Injury

Dr Pruzansky | February 12, 2015

Toronto Maple Leafs player Dion Phaneuf injured his hand during the team’s game versus the Ottawa Senators on January 21st.

While Phaneuf has, surprisingly, been criticized in the past for not fighting enough in the past, that evening Phaneuf took his gloves off rather quickly against Ottawa Senators’ forward Milan Michalek, his unlucky opponent.

Phaneuf has missed four games due to the injury so far and has two goals and 20 assists this season. Phaneuf hopes to return soon, but will likely sit out during Tuesday’s game against the Predators in an attempt to regain strength.

When it comes to his team’s 10 streak of losses, Phaneuf had this to say: “As a player you want to play games, and to be watching on the outside, it’s disappointing for me because I want to be there to try and help our team pull out of it.