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Giants Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul Recovery Status in Question After Loss of Finger

Dr Pruzansky | August 21, 2015

It’s been six weeks since the fireworks incident that led to Pierre-Paul’s right-hand index finger amputation. With the season opener drawing closer, the Giants are still in the dark about the recovery status of pass-rusher Jason Pierre-Paul. That picture will soon be coming into focus.

Three sources informed of his recovery say that JPP’s rehab is “progressing very well.”
He’s expected to show up at the Giants’ facility before the regular season begins, but whether he’ll be in uniform Week 1 against the Cowboys is yet to be seen.

Pierre-Paul has mostly stayed out of the public eye since the incident. The Giants are still awaiting an update and are eager to have their doctors, who perform similar treatments as hand surgeon Dr. Pruzansky, examine him. Coaches and teammates have texted him well-wishes, but the responses have mostly been vague.

All this could change in the coming weeks. JPP’s $14.8 million franchise tender is still on the table, albeit unsigned. Assuming he does sign it, he’ll be under contract and subject to placement on a non-football injury list that could leave him unpaid for the first six weeks of the season.