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Hassan Whiteside Unable to Play due to Hand Injury

Dr Pruzansky | April 3, 2015

While the rest of his team is focusing on their race to the playoffs, Miami Heat centre Hassan Whiteside has been focusing on getting his hand better.

Whiteside sustained his hand injury on Tuesday while attempting a dunk. A blow against the rim resulted in a 10-stitch laceration in the webbing between the middle and ring fingers on his right hand.

Whiteside was being optimistic when he said “I just have to tape it up and put some pad on my hand.

According to Whiteside, his pain is still at about a 6 or 7 out of 10, and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said returning one-handed isn’t an option.

Whiteside is focused on keeping the swelling down as much as possible and doing hand exercises to help it heal faster, but other than that his treatment options are limited.

Trainer Jay Sabol and the medical staff for the team have been trying to find options that would allow him to return to the lineup, but as Spoelstra said, “it needs to heal before we take the next step.”