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Fitzpatrick to Play Sunday Through Pain in Healing Hand

Dr Pruzansky | November 21, 2015

Ryan Fitzpatrick says he’s ready to take on the Texans after waiting only a week after surgery to repair a ligament tear in his non-throwing thumb.

Jets coach Todd Bowles says Fitzpatrick fully participated in practice last Thursday after sitting out from team drills earlier in the week.

Fitzpatrick will continue wearing a protective glove, which he must be getting used to after wearing a similar glove for an injury he sustained earlier this month playing against the Raiders.

“It’s more painful now than it was before the surgery” said Fitzpatrick. Despite his hand pain, he’s determined to play Sunday, with stitches still in his hand.

Of primary concern is keeping the wound clean of infection. “Any time they open you up, infection is a big concern, so just keeping everything clean, that is one of the main things we are kind of keeping an eye on.”