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Elbow Arthroscopic Surgery

Elbow Arthroscopy enables the surgeon to see the joint at a number of different angles, which leads to a greater possibility of diagnosing and treating both acute and chronic problems.

Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery in New York City

Common interventions using elbow arthroscopy include debriding the surface of an arthritic bone to render it smooth, removing bone fragments and spurs caused by fractures and overuse, releasing adhesions and contractures (see Osteocapsular Arthroplasty Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery) and repairing tendons (see Tennis Elbow Surgery).

Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery Example Videos

Elbow Arthroscopic Surgery 1

In this case of traumatic osteoarthritis and fracture malunion
of the elbow, the enlarged coronoid process is on the left and the distal humerus on the right.

Partial arthroscopic removal of the coronoid is shown on the right and the humerus is on the left.

Removal of part of the prominent olecranon is shown below and the humerus is on the left.

The partially resected enlarged coronoid process of the ulna is in the
center and the rotating radial head at the sigmoid notch of the ulna is seen on the right.