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A Safe Practice

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the importance of keeping safety in mind when heading back to the gym after a long winter. However, I quickly realized that many of my patients nowadays prefer the yoga mat…

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Better-For-You Keyboards?

Earlier this week, a New York Times article in the Technology section talked about the emerging trend of keyboards that “bend” to the needs of the user (see article). For example, the Phantom keyboard, which will be in stores this…

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Hit The Gym – Safely

Although it may not feel like it outside just yet, spring is right around the corner. And, after an especially cold winter of hiding under sweaters and coats, it looks like many New Yorkers are getting ready to hit the…

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Snowboarding Safety

The colder weather outside means many of my patients are getting ready to hit the slopes. And while we may disagree on whether skiing or snowboarding is the better winter sport, there’s no arguing that both of these popular activities…

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