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Diamondbacks’ Bronson Arroyo Eager to Return After a 12-15 Month Healing Period

Dr Pruzansky | March 27, 2015

For 10 straight years, Bronson Arroyo threw at least 178 innings and averaged over 11 wins a season. However, Arizona Diamondbacks right-handed pitcher Arroyo experienced a soreness he had never experienced before last July.

Prior to the soreness, Arroyo had never experienced any elbow pain, and decided to play through it. He pitched for 5 innings that game and earned the win. He hasn’t pitched since that game.

Arroyo has since undergone Tommy John elbow surgery, which requires a 12-15 month healing period, and he still doesn’t know when he’ll be able to pitch again. He is hoping to pitch by the time the season starts again.

“I threw maybe between 3,500 and 4,000 pitches in 20 years,” Arroyo said. “I guess my body didn’t like it. The only way you get through this is to remain optimistic.”