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New York Mets Outfielder Juan Lagares on Disabled List, Thumb Injury Flares Up

Dr Pruzansky | August 4, 2016

Early in the 2016 season, New York Mets Outfielder Juan Lagares suffered a thumb ligament injury to his left thumb but he, was able to continue playing. Initially team doctors simply recommended a few days rest to deal with the swelling. Lagares was then able to play with a splint and a taped up thumb. […]

Carlos Randon Injures Wrist in Freak Accident

Dr Pruzansky | July 14, 2016

When you hear a baseball player injured their wrist, it’s usually due to a hard slide in a base or getting hit by a pitch – not a slip and fall. Well, that’s exactly what happened to the White Sox pitcher Carlos Randon. Randon, who was placed on the 15 day disabled list, fell while […]

Former World #1 Ana Ivanovic Loses Due to Wrist Injury

Dr Pruzansky | June 28, 2016

In life and athletics, timing is everything. Unfortunately for former world #1 tennis star Ana Ivanovic, now ​i​s the worse time of the year to be hampered by a wrist injury. Wrist injuries are common in tennis​ players​ and Ivanovic, who lost on day one ​at Wimbledon ​in straight sets to an unheard of Russian […]

​Mets’ ​Juan Lagares​ Out With a Thumb Injury​

Dr Pruzansky | June 16, 2016

You can add Juan Lagares to the heap of Mets players recently out of the line-up due to a thumb injury. ​ ​Originally thought to be a minor tear, recently injured outfield Juan Lagares’ ​was held out of Wednesday night’s game due to the pain in his thumb. Mets’ fans certainly gave two thumbs down […]

Wrist Injury Keeps Rafael Nadal Out of French Open

Dr Pruzansky | May 27, 2016

In a shocking announcement for tennis fans, Rafael Nadal withdrew from the 2016 French Open due to a left wrist injury. Nadal’s scheduled opponent, Marcel Granollers, was then allowed to advance uncontested. Painkillers allowed Nadal to play into the third round but an inflamed tendon sheath was too much to overcome to continue on in […]