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All-Star Giants Right Fielder Hunter Pence Fractures Forearm

Dr Pruzansky | March 11, 2015

The San Francisco Giants have a smaller likelihood of defending their World Series championship title this season after All-Star right fielder Hunter Pence fractured his forearm Thursday in the Cactus League game against the Chicago Cubs.

The injury occurred when Hunter Pence was hit by a wild pitch.

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy told reporters “You hate to see it”. But mentioned the silver lining is that it’s “early in spring training and at least we have a month to begin the healing process”.

Pence is expected to miss only two weeks of the regular season. However, that means he doesn’t get the pre-season practice he may need.

After being traded to the Giants in 2012, Pence played in 383 consecutive games; the longest game streak in the majors.

Hopefully Pence can heal relatively quickly and restart his consecutive game streak.