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​Mets’ ​Juan Lagares​ Out With a Thumb Injury​

Dr Pruzansky | June 16, 2016

You can add Juan Lagares to the heap of Mets players recently out of the line-up due to a thumb injury.

​Originally thought to be a minor tear, recently injured outfield Juan Lagares’ ​was held out of Wednesday night’s game due to the pain in his thumb.

Mets’ fans certainly gave two thumbs down to​ news ​that Lagares would not play, as the latest in the string of injuries for the Mets this season took a turn for the worse.

​Lagares previously experienced a partial ligament tear in his left thumb and had been attempting to play through the pain.

A baseball injury such as a ligament tear makes hitting and throwing – two movements essential to the game – difficult and painful.

Lagares will now undergo further diagnosis by team physicians to understand if the ligament injury has become more severe.

If additional rest, icing and splinting does not improve the condition, ligament surgery will likely be required.